"...making your mind a place you want to spend more time with."

Note the expression on this gentleman's entire body. This man is clearly transported. Literally. Spiritually. Totally at ease with all those hands not only touching him, but supporting him, moving him.

He is my icon for the experience I am now apparently calling "Relaxed Playfulness." Or "being in the Playful Calm." I mean, this guy is being like profoundly playful. And the only thing he's doing to demonstrate his playfulness is, well, relaxing into the ride.

Sounds kind of spiritual, huh, Zen-like? Relaxed playfulness. That state of open, joyous acceptance, requiring no action other than giving in. Looks kind of fun. Deep Fun. Exactly like the kind of fun I seem to be devoting my life to teaching, actually. The kind of fun that listening to Recess for the Soul seems to be giving people as they give themselves over to the play of words and spirit.

Apparently, listening to Recess for the Soul is, for a lot of people, exactly that - an experience of relaxed playfulness.

This is starting to sound like a marketing piece for my CD. Though, yes, of course, and please, buy a copy of the CD. But it's the idea of "Relaxed Playfulness" that I'm inviting you to consider, not the CD. Kevin Eikenberry writes: "Listening to this 40 minute CD will help you think about how you can use your beautiful brain to be more reflective and playful. It includes thought provoking commentary and real-life fun exercises that you can do to make your mind a place you want to spend more time with." I didn't know it when I made the CD that that certain, very specific kind of playfulness Kevin calls "reflective and playful" was essentially a deeply Relaxed Playfulness. The kind, as Kevin so beautifully pointed out, that makes "your mind a place you want to spend more time with."

"Relaxed playfulness." Don't you just love it?

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