Beer Pong

Beer Pong, the online game, has an advantage and a disadvantage over the traditional game, and its variants, as described in this admirably exhaustive selection of Beer Pong rules - the advantage: you don't need any beer to play it - nor do you need paddles, glasses, ping pong balls or table; the disadvantage: you don't need any beer to play it.

Though I am not a drinker, and am actually less than comfortable with people who are under the influence (some of my worst experiences as a facilitator of play coincided with my attempts to bring more fun to a singles new year's eve party), I am nevertheless a great admirer of the, well, spirits, in which the game is generally played. That is, the spirits of informality, of playfulness and downright silliness, of invention and challenge and unabashed fun.

Further evidence of these spirits is well instantiated by this document making the distinction between a game called "Beruit" and that traditionally called "Beer Pong," and well-nigh unto conclusive spirits-related evidence with this official Beirut/Beer Pong House Rules Generator.

Beer Pong. A game in the tradition of Junkyard Pong, and similarly hazardous to sobriety. See "Eraser Bouncing" on the Junkyard Sports Hall of Fame.


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Anonymous Brian Campbell said...

You can actually play beer pong without beer, and without the intention to get drunk. Some people play a game known as beirut, where the object is just to throw ping pong balls into cups. This is too boring to play without drinking, but other forms of beer pong, like slam pong, are actually good games in their own right, and can be played quite enjoyably without beer.


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