Chinese YoYo

Until I found my way to a site called "Chinese Yoyo," I thought this top-like toy was called a "Diabolo." Not so, says Wikipedia. The Chinese Yoyo came first.

"The Chinese YoYo," says the author of the Chinese Yoyo site, "also known as Tzuh-ling, empty bell, pulling bell and wind bell, was created so long ago that there is no known inventor. Originally, the Chinese YoYo was made of wood or bamboo. Today, as a result of modern technology, most Chinese YoYos are composed of two durable plastic wheels and a joining steel rod and constructed so that the center of mass is located precisely at the middle of the steel rod where the string pivots the YoYo. With the weight evenly distributed, the performer can execute really fantastic tricks without fear of breaking the Chinese YoYo."

No matter which came first, both sites, the one called "Chinese Yoyo" and the other named "Diabolo Tricks," provide us with a treasury of animated invitations to play.


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Anonymous dan said...

cool, I got my chinese yoyo from


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