Grab the Finger and other games from Wilderdom

Grab the Finger

No. not that "grab the finger" game.

This one:

"In a circle, right finger on next person's left palm. Try to grab a finger before yours gets grabbed."

Just my kind of game, don't you know, pointless, silly, laughworthy, and genuinely challenging - stretching that whole corpus callosum left-right brain thing, in most delightful manners.

Found in the significantly encyclopedic Wilderdom Index to Group Activities, Games, Exercises & Initiatives.

P.S., as it were. Late tonight, well, early tomorrow, actually, at precisely three seconds after 1:02 AM, it will be

Happy Sequentium! Like that? Sequentium? When the date and time are all in sequence? I just made it up. Consider it ours.


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