Of Fun and Work

Just last Sunday, there was a King of the Hill episode called 24 Hour Propane People, showing what happens "When Strickland ...refocuses on making Strickland Propane a 'fun' place to work' and makes his employees dress in costumes, have sleepovers in the office and use catch phrases." This very show aired about two or three days after Kevin Eikenberry and I met to talk about what we might do about this very thing - how we might help people make the "real" fun/work connection.

Of all the many connections we discussed, Kevin found himself especially drawn to my description of the kind of work-related fun that takes place when you are "experiencing your competence."

I first thought about the competence/fun connection after I read Csikszentmihalyi's story, documenting the existence of a factory worker who actually enjoyed his work (see Knowing How to Play). Since then, I have become even more firm in my belief that in the secret recesses of the heart of work, a lot of fun is being had. You can find a collection of my work-and-fun-focused reflections in my Fun & Work reflections collection.


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