Simple Adventures for Everyday Living

Here is a collection of "Simple Adventures for Everyday Living by Joseph del Pesco." They are, as advertised, simple, and, yes, in a way, they are oddly adventuresome. Here are but a few:
Take a shower with all your clothes on.

Guerilla Swings
Make swings out of wood boards and thick rope. Go to a local park and hang them from every tree that has an appropriate branch.

Call a random number from a payphone and ask the person who answers for some practical piece of information: 'Do you know how long it takes to cook muffins?' or 'How do I get to ______ from downtown?'

Anonymous Leg Up
Send unsigned letters to a younger person you know giving them
information that will save them trouble in the future.

Music for Telemarketers
Learn to play a song using the number keys on the telephone. When a telephone solicitor calls, play it for them.

Pretending to Pretend
Go to a party where you don't know anyone and pretend to be someone else. Try it on a plane."


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Anonymous Martin Booman said...

It is important that you play together. Not everybody will appreciate a pragmatism call.

Blogger Bernie said...

these games, to be really fun, require a sensitivity, both to yourself and to the people you involve. that's why I rarely play them. I appreciate them as "gedanken" experiments, thought poems, as it were, more on the order of "wouldn't it be fun if..." than "who should I call first" if you know what I mean. fun to think about how there are things that are just fun to think about.

Anonymous Martin Booman said...

I agree with you that these games are fun to think about. Some of the games are also fun when they are played. The adventures are presented as ideas for ACTIONS and all adventures that are presented can be done in everyday life. It would be interesting if all adventures were played and the players give feedback on the fun factor.


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