A Little Playfulness Turns the Tide

I first came across a book called "Playful Parenting," almost 4 years ago. I even blogged it enthusiastically.

In today's post, I blog it again. Not because I've actually read it, but because I found this wonderful excerpt on the web:
"Parenting and playfulness can seem like contradictions, but sometimes we just need a little push to find each other and have fun together. I was at an outdoor concert, dancing off on the side with my nine-year-old daughter, when a mother and son came over to the dance area. She started dancing a little, but he just stood with his arms folded, a little too shy to dance now that he was there. He was about six or seven. His mother said, starting to get angry, 'You dragged me up here and now you're not going to dance?!' He folded his arms tighter and literally dug his heels in. I thought, we can all see where this is going. I said, 'Oh no, he's doing a new dance,' and I folded my arms just like his and gave him a big smile. He smiled back and moved his hands to a different position, which I copied. His mom caught on right away and started copying him too. We all laughed. He started moving his shoulders up and down to the music and his mother said, 'You're dancing!' Then he started to dance and he had a great time. We all did (including my daughter, who waited patiently while I did 'the playful parenting thing,' and then wanted my complete attention again). A little playfulness turned the tide."
"A little playfulness turned the tide." Beautiful.


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