Very, Very Big Bubbles

We took this picture during our last Tasting. David and company are on our front lawn, learning to use "beebo Big Bubble Mix" to create what can only be called an XTREME bubble. "Our mission," say the XTREME Bubble Team "is to manufacture and distribute to all people, the most exciting, amazing and revolutionary bubble solution in the history of the world! We believe that if every person in the world had a chance to play with beeboo Big Bubble Mix, the world would become a better place." Yes, beebo Big Bubble Mix, the same beeboo Big Bubble Mix used to blow the " the World's Largest Free Floating Soap Bubble."

There was no question at all about the Major FUNness of the XTREME bubble-making experience. I personally have never seen bubbles so large, so ameoba-like in their blobitude, so surprising in their floaty formations. Not having made an exhaustive comparison, I can not attest to the fact that beebo Big Bubble Mix results in the biggest of all possible bubbles. It worked. It was easy to mix, easy to make work. Learning to use the bubble wand was most definitely an integral part of the whole experience. As a connoisseur of all things fun, I can tell you that this stuff is great fun. And I mean great!

At a purported savings of $6, you're probably going to want to purchase the entire 1 Bottle of beeboo™ Mix & 1 Bubble Wand starter kit. Then, you'll probably have to get the 2 bottles of beeboo™ Big Bubble Mix, unless you find yourself ready for the 4 bottles of beeboo™ Big Bubble Mix

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Anonymous John R. Erck said...

Hello all! My name is John R. Erck. I am the owner of I would like to share a few of the comments our customers have sent back to us. They are a as follows:

This stuff really *is* amazing. Everything the site promises has been true for me. I ordered 2 bottles the first time, and I loved it so much I started to make smaller and smaller batches so that it would last a long time. Now I'm stocking up again.

I live in a second story apartment with a porch out front. I work at home as a research consultant and whenever I need a break, I go out and make a few bubbles. People walking by will catch sight of a bubble, then try to spot where it came from. They stare, then they smile and say "Cool!"

I am now proud to call myself a bubbleholic, bubblehead, Crazy Bubble Lady, etc. Thank you, Xtreme Bubbles!

Ann Seidl


The most endearing toys have similar qualities; simple to understand, fun to use and challenging enough to provide endless, clean wholesome fun. beeboo™ Bubbles showed promise when I first saw footage of John Erck breaking the Guinness Book of World Records™ for the World's Largest Free Floating Soap Bubble.

I bought a starter kit with the big wand and poured the mix into a bucket on my front lawn. I placed the wand into the bucket, then my wife called me. With the wand in my hand, I turned to answer her. As I looked back, the breeze had blown through the wand and effortlessly floated away the largest bubble that I had ever seen. Soon, all the neighborhood kids were joining in and taking turns making giant bubbles. They kept playing and shouting, "That's a world record bubble!", "No, this one is!" until the sun went down and their folks called them home.

Thank you John and Dave for sharing this past-time with my family.

Louie Fragale
Golden Valley, MN

and finally...

We ordered beeboo™ Big Bubble Mix as a replacement for some other bubble toys. As a lark, I ordered the small wand hoping it would entertain my 3 and 6 year old grandchildren. I must say the whole experience was quite a treat. They enjoyed using the beeboo™ bubble solution with their bubble toys.

When I used the wand, everyone seemed to stand around and marvel at the huge bubbles. There was a slight wind, so I could just stand and hold the handles apart and the wind would form huge bubbles. There were quite a few heads turned from the cars driving by. I've now ordered the family pack. Thanks for the product!

Rich B.

Anonymous David Stein, inventor said...

Actually, John R. Erck is selling a knock-off of a much better giant bubble toy, the Bubble Thing, which I invented in 1984 and which has been entertaining millions of kids world wide ever since. (See ). Mr. Erck's "worldslargestbubble" claim is false, and the Guinness Records folks have been mislead. The Bubble Thing has been creating bubbles much larger than Erck's for over twenty years, and the world's largest bubble (113 feet long) was created by Alan McKay of New Zealand. (For photos and videos, see Also, about Mr. Erck's "beeboo" bubble soap: there's nothing special about it, except the worldslargestprice, and your $9.95 soap mix will be giant-bubbled away in half an hour. Too bad, when instead you could use the BubbleThing grocery store recipe. (Again, see Thanks for listening, peace-- David Stein, inventor of the giant bubble sport


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