Ian Coe's Fun Quest

It will take a while to download. But it's worth waiting for. Especially if you're interested in fun, and in following this young man, Ian Coe, a Master's student in Radio Production at Bournemouth University, as he learns from anyone who claims any expertise in any connection with fun - a positive psychologist, a psycho-physiologist, a clairvoyant, a pianist, a social theoretician, a leisure historian, the manager of a student union, even me. And in between, as he documents his theoretical journey, he records his actual one - biking, running, playing soccer, paint ball, music, Phantasy Photoshop.

Ian's conclusion: "We've made a lot of progress in pinning down what fun's all about. We've learned how fun's vital for good health and how it helps you learn. We've seen that theorizing about fun can stifle it, as can powerful institutions like Capitalism. We've noticed how fun's often seen like a negative thing that can only be enjoyed at certain times and places and by people of a certain age. We've also shown that you can have fun by changing what you think instead of what you do. I've also had fun trying to meet my psychological and spiritual needs through different activities and I hope I've inspired you to do the same. So, although I think enjoying the fun we are already having is a good starting point, I still reckon we can all benefit from having more fun in our lives, and I'm now more convinced than ever that fun is an essential part of life."

Ian Coe's Fun Quest.



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