Funny Together

It seemed to me curiously appropriate, yearly-speaking, end-wise, for a moment of appreciation. For you, first of all. And second, for that very sweet thing that sometimes happens when we get together - when we get funny together.

Which, beyond reminds me beyond serendipitously of an article I just published on the Deep Fun site. I called it "Funny Together." So enamored have I apparently become of this particular article that today I find it literally incumbent upon myself to read it to you for our little FunCast, and to invite you to read along, if you so desire, by clicking, obviously, here.

I begin, should you still so wonder, with the following:
Sometimes, we are funny together. All of us. At more or less the same time. Singing a silly song, maybe, playing a funny game. Walking a funny walk, talking in funny voices, in foreign accents, in slow motion.

For me, being funny together with my wife, my kids, my grandkids, is almost always the funniest, the deepest, the most deeply funny.

Were not being silly. No way. Were being funny together. Magically funny. Even when we are doing silly things, its not at all about being silly, its all about the funniness that were creating together. The magic of it. All about the laughter we are sharing.

I think those times when we are funny together, those amateurish, funny together times, we are funnier than comedians and clowns. Funny beyond clever. So funny, we are taken by surprise by how funny.

From Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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