Badly Laced Shoes

The following is from one of the first posts on a new weblog called "Digital Mavericks. It is written by Drew Buddie, a Scottish schoolteacher and virtual correspondent who I am both proud and puzzled to discover has become my friend - proud, because of his commitment to playfulness, puzzled, because we have never actually met. After you read it, the reasons for this friendship should be self-evident.
A few months ago I was sat on my sofa having returned from work dog-tired, and promptly fell asleep. I still had my shoes on. I was awakened by some furtive activity at my feet and looked down to see my six year old daughter admiring her handiwork. She had undone my shoelaces and now proclaimed loudly that she had managed to lace them back up again.

Now, I felt I should be cross at her - after all you don't do shoe laces up as shown in the picture. You just don't. But wait a minute, she did! She chose to lace up my shoes that way. So just because they are not laced up the traditional way, is there anything wrong in that?

This set me thinking, we as teachers are so quick to judge the work of our students based on them producing out put that conforms to our expectations.
You can read the rest of this touching and insightful story here

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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