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For all those times when you have spent a countless number of hours playing one of those little online games or watching stupid videos on the web, and stopped for a second to think to yourself, "Man, I really should do something more useful with my time...," and then kept wasting time anyways...

Now you can help us collect data about language AND play a fun game! We currently have two games, the Free-Association Game, and Categorilla...

Playing the games is useful in two ways. First, the games adapt and improve based on what people have typed. For example, the taboo words are generated based on the most popular past guesses for each word. Second, we collect the guesses, which gives us information about the relationships between words. For example, if you are playing Categorilla and type "George Washington" for the category "Presidents", we have now learned that George Washington is a president.

See also the semi-game-like Google Image Labeler

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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Anonymous mim said...

There's also a music labeling game (that I wrote) where the goal is to agree with other players on descriptions of 10-second clips of music.

Blogger Bernie said...

The ESP Game
Open Mind: Common Sense Project
as described in the Science News article Games Theory


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