You are mighty!

It's called Aninote. "Aninotes are musical animations that are customized to display the name of the recipient in the animation. Customized Aninotes will allow additional content to be modified for the recipient. Another important feature of an Aninote is that the web address for the Aninote (e.g. contains a summary of the overall message contained in the Aninote."

A far more important feature is how much fun these are, and how wonderfully silly you can be to let yourself believe, upon receiving one, even for a moment, that it's really all about you.

The current collection includes:

" was created, and is maintained by Robert 'Gunny' Blake from Toronto Ontario Canada. Robert, an Information Security Specialist by profession, created during his free time, and continues to support it as a hobby."

Start with

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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