Giant Slip 'n Slide

It's a 535 ft. long Slip 'n Slide, is what it is. And yet another example of the great lengths some people go to just to do something for fun. It's enough to restore one's faith, enough to make one actually consider that fun may be as a matter of fact something important - important enough to use a bulldozer for, and get at least 535 feet of 5 .mil "Vapor Block" vapor redardant plastic coated vinyl, and at least one air mattress, and risk your entire body for 60 seconds of.

I don't know what it is about is and fun - the great lengths we go to, the significant sacrifices we make, and yet the public disdian and distrust we have for. Look closely. This Giant Slip 'n Slide project is proof of something more than the power of beer and buldozers. Way, way more.

via Neatorama

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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Anonymous Alan M. said...

I plan on doing a giant slip and slide on the street at my school, next year for senior prank, going to be 5 blocks long, i dont know how big in feet that is, but id like to know what type of Material you guys used, trying to get some ideas now


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