Invented Card Games

When people ask me what games I most wished I had invented, I generally respond: "Frisbee and Cards." Frisbee because of the grace and beauty of its flight, and the games and more games, and even more games you can play with it; and cards, for the art, and especially for the apparently inexhaustible cornucopia of Invented Card Games.

Even one card game, like, for example, Crazy Eights, about which I waxed so drippingly in my article Not-So-Crazy-Eights, has spawned everso many variations. And of these, there are all the variations of one commercial variation of Crazy Eights, called "UNO." All from one card game.

And though you can play Frisbee all by yourself, with the wind as your partner, there really aren't that many versions of one-player Frisbee games, while there are literally hundreds of solitaire games you can play, by yourself, of course, on your computer, and online, even.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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