Multiple Object Tracking - the shells game

Dr. Lana Trick (honestly) is actively engaged in researching the mechanics of multiple-object-tracking. To get an almost immediate understanding of what this is all about, take a moment or two to experiment on yourself. Should you wonder about the fund-worthiness of all this eye-challenging fun, consider the military applications of machines that can track multiple objects.

I was first made aware of the play value of Multiple Object Tracking when I reviewed a children's game called Scoops Surprises. It's like a kids version of the shell game, only with three different color "peas" (small cylinders of different colors representing ice cream flavors). I was amazed at how fun it was to play. Of course, I never got beyond two different ice cream flavors, and the kids won every time.

via Neatorama

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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