The Transforming Power of the Playful Mind, cont'd

Is this ship slurping pasta? Apparently, it is. Which, of course, is the whole point. The apparentness of it all. The illusion. The art.

OK. So you're in advertising. And you're working on a campaign for something called the Mondo Pasta Noodle Manufacturer. But, I mean, really: you see a ship, you see the mooring line; and you think spaghetti?! Who'd've thought? Who'd've made such a connection?

Someone we'd like to know a lot better.

Winning a position on the Clio shortlist for innovative media (foods), and gaining the attention of just about every blogger with a sense of humor, according to my particular lights, the accolades, the success, all go to show one thing: the awesome, the amazing, the transforming power of the playful mind.

Play on!

via Presurfer

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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