The Whim of Combination

Found-object/assesmblage artist Barbara Irwin writes:
"One of the reasons that I enjoy creating found object/assemblage art is that it allows me to use anything and everything, old or new. My assemblage work stems from what I call 'whim of combination.' Sometimes things come together quickly and easily and other times it takes weeks, months, and years, to find that missing piece that ties it all together. I use objects that I find in antique shops, thrift stores, and garage sales, or that I find in the street and in people’s curbside junk piles....I love found object/assemblage art because allows me to look at an object and imagine a new way of using it. For me, found object/assemblage art is total play, total fun, and total joy. I get so much satisfaction out of giving something a new life. The more we see, the more we see that there is to see. The only limit is our own imagination."

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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