Why I Love Games

"Brains love information," writes Margaret Richardson, in her column State of Play: Why I Play Games "- finding connections, mapping relationships - and games let you mainline a fat flow of pure, perfected data, all deliberately contrived to be rich with exactly those kinds of interconnections.

"And as you learn, you're given an incredible window into your own capabilities. Games are a test-bed where you can endlessly explore what an extraordinary machine you are.

Me, I also like to watch my emotions, the play of my passions, the sheer utterness of my abandonment to the fantasy, my total willingness to risk virtually everything. Because then I get to be my own Buddha, learning to observe and accept, with equanimity, in the completeness of the illusion, the genius of its crafting. I like to find myself on the verge of promising my next child to God in return for a red three. And maybe even to laugh.

via Roger Greenaway

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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