Word Making-Up Fun - An Introduction to the LexiFUNnicon

And then there's that flavor of fun you get when you're making up new words, when fun becomes, shall we say, defining.

The LexiFUNnicon is a particularly good sample of this taste of fun, because, as in every taste of fun we have so far defined, we are having fun with fun itself. For example, the following LexiFUNnicon entries:
  • biofunology - the study of the biological origins of fun
  • cofunnication - shared fun
  • defunnication - taking the fun out of something or one or many
  • delightenment - a temporary experience of permanent delight
  • entercation - beyond infotainment, not so much making learning fun as making fun educational
I find myself particularly intrigued, for example, by the notion of, as one might put it, exploring the experience of cofunnication, in far more, shall we say, depth.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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