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In yesterday's New York Times Week in Review, there was an article describing a new logo that was designed for Al Gore's We Can Solve It (the "Climate Crisis") campaign, an offshoot of his Alliance for Climate Protection. You probably noticed a certain connection between the logo design for We Can Solve It, and my Me-We logo. Allow me to disabuse you.

The Gore logo is of the word "WE." If you turn it upside down, you can see "EM" - which, as you perhaps almost immediately perceived, is "ME" spelled backwards.

Just to note a distinction. For Al Gore, and most people who are trying to address the public, WE is the real target. ME is only there because it is necessary - without it, there can't be a WE. I, on the other hand, have been using the Me-We connection to describe a relationship between two equal parties - individual and group. When you turn my Me/We logo upside down, it's still Me/We. The Me is never in a lesser position, never backwards.

This is the idea of Fun Community, which has become so central to my work, and play - the equal weight of Me and We, the equal value, importance, significance.

Thanks for finding that article, Lee. And telling me about it.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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Blogger Kris Bordessa said...

Al's logo doesn't even work backwards or upside down in a mirror (in case you were wondering - yes I *did* actually carry my laptop to a mirror to double check my brain).

Bernie, are you aware of this site? Kare interviewed me a couple of weeks ago for a podcast, and it occurs to me that you have me/we in common. She's in Nor Cal.

Anonymous kare Anderson said...

..and, Bernie, I've been a fan of yours for some while. Even mentioned you at an IABC conference where I spoke (and will again):

Oh, and Kris' interview was heart-felt and idea-packed even though she must have had the "big move" on her mind at the time. Take a listen - and see her new book too



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