The Grass Stain Guru - Defender of the Playful

Read, for example, this blog post describing 10 More Can't Miss Childhood Moments. Here, in case you are so reclined, the first five from the first ten:
  1. Toasting a marshmallow on a stick, anxiously awaiting the sweet goo that is to come. Learning to master the perfect toasty brown color equal parts art and science, in my book.
  2. Wading in a creek toes wriggling in the light current, knee-deep in fun. Looking under rocks for critters and sailing boats made of sticks.
  3. Climbing a tree! The world has never been as beautiful as it looks from a perch in a glorious (and sturdy!) tree.
  4. Catching fireflies on a warm summer night. Pure magic awaits! (Of course, be sure to let them go.)
  5. Building a fort. Somewhere special, just for the kids. No kit houses required just some sticks, bushes, maybe a tarp and a lot of imagination.
Then read the Ode to Dirty Sneakers. And then Kids Choice: Self-Directed Play. Then go on to read this entire gem of a blog. Then you'll understand ever so incontrovertibly clearly why Bruce Williamson nominated Bethe Almeras to join the much-honored ranks of Defenders of the Playful.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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