Clap You and Higher Five

Clap You

Clap You is based on a spectator activity similar to the act of clapping, or applauding, in which approval is signified by bringing hands together forcibly and repeatedly in such a way as to produce a maximally resonating sound.

Only you can't clap your own hands.

you can't clap both hands with the same person.

Similar rules can be found in the related game, Higher Five.

Higher Five

Get together in groups of three. In a matter of minutes, create a new version of High Five suitable for three people.

Higher Five, not unlike Clap You, is a non-spectator activity signifying collective approval by the bringing together of hands in rapid and soundful affirmation.

However, unlike the Clap You activity, Higher Five is based on the proverbial High Five, which is the same as a normal applau (applause, singular) except that it is performed with the arms extended overhead...hence, "High."

And, unlike High Five, the Higher Five is performed with both hands, and two different people, simultaneously.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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Anonymous Office Humorist said...

Great games, I tried this with some improv friends and we know have a new way to greet each other = ).


Blogger Bernie said...

And thank you, Office Humorist, for taking the time to comment. Glad I could contribute to the fun.


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