The Major Fun site is getting even more major

There's a lot of attention being paid of late to "serious games" or "gamers' games." There are games that teach or persuade or train people. There are intensely competitive games with complex rules and hours-long playing time. There are tournaments and championships. There are professional games and gambling games.

They are all games. And all noteworthy. And all too often overshadow the importance of light-hearted "casual" games - games that are designed not to be taken too seriously, not to played in globe-spanning, money-making tournaments, but to bring people together, to give kids, families, grown-ups a brief, sweet hour of something that we all need a lot more of - clean, healthy, good fun.

For years, the Major Fun Award has been one of the few award programs dedicated to recognizing just these kinds of games - the easy-to-learn, well-designed, lovingly produced "games that make you laugh."
Now, with new award logos, a new website, more frequent award "Tastings" with more diverse groups of Tasters, and increased distribution of reviews, the Major Fun Award ( is poised to help publishers of casual games introduce their games to the very players they want to reach - people who just want to have fun.

With artistry of Michael Weidenbach and the technology of Outrider Creative (, the new Major Fun award logos graphically reinforce the promise of fun. The new design for the site screams fun, while the reviews on the site help readers understand what makes the award-winning games so award-worthy.

To find out more about the program, to learn how to submit games for review, or to contact Bernie (Major Fun) DeKoven himself, see

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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