Ten more games receive Keeper status

Seven strategy games, a word game, a party game and a toy have been added to the Major Fun Keeper Collection. 

Every game that receives a Major Fun award is, in some way, exceptional. In addition to the quality of its design, manufacture and packaging, in addition to its playability and replayability, to the ease of learning and understanding the game, there's something about it that proves to be uniquely fun, absorbing, memorable. Some of these games prove to be even more exceptional. They keep on being fun, even after months of play. They keep appealing to new audiences - parents, kids, friends you thought didn't like games. They keep on being requested, talked about. In sum, they are Keepers.

Of the strategy games, three came from the Gigamic collection, available in the US from Fundex Games: BatikQuoridor, and Quixo. Each of these games is of "heirloom" quality, each make you enjoy thinking, each is exceptionally easy to learn and inviting, each worthy of a permanent place in your game collection. The other 4 strategy games all have demonstrated similar qualities, elegance, and extended replay value: Six, Tylz, Abalone, and Trango.

The word game Bananagrams proved to be exceptionally flexible, simple enough in concept to allow endless variations and accommodations to different kinds of word-playing interests.

The party game Funny Business consistently provokes laughter and mutual admiration - bringing players closer together in both hearts and minds. And finally, the Bilibo Game Box, a unique children's toy/game that invites players to design their own games.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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