When the city is your canvas....

So they saw this building, these people from Urban Screen, and they worked and played and played some more. And they used their computers and a very, very powerful projector. And made public art (and art public). This one called 555 Kubik.

Of course, my most mentionable honor goes to their PinWall creation - a building-sized computer pinball game, with live music and real people at the flippers.... Fun, engaging, as obtrusive as you want it to be, walking past, sitting down and watching, or hitting a giant flipper-button.

Which reminded me, of course, of Defender of the Playful award-winner Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
and makes me begin to realize that it's time already to welcome yet another new game to town, a building-sized, pubic performance, computer-enhanced, environmentally and socially transforming invitation to play.

via Bill Daul

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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