Treehouse Gallery

The Treehouse Gallery is "an innovative public project featuring a free daily program of events, arts, musicology and activities in Regent's Park, London." See, for another example, their collection of Foraged Pigment Paintings, yes, that's right, paintings made from pigments "...found in and around Regent's Park. The sources for the paints included blackberries, elderberries, mud, brick, nettles, madder root (the only one not foraged locally), st. john's wort, elder leaves, elder flowers, and bark. Sarah and Anna boiled these ingredients to extract the various colours and added a mordant to create watercolor paints for a children's and adult's painting workshop. Along with traditional brushes, forks, spoons and sticks were also used as unique mark making tools."

Days are workshop-filled. Maria Tsartsali, for example, will host "an art installation made with real leaves of the London Plane tree, inviting anyone from the public to come and paint leaves with latex to re-imagine them, once they have fallen, and for you to take away yourself into other spaces and contexts. They can be a wallpaper or a curtain stuck with blu-tack, a rug or anything you wish. The idea is to highlight the beauty of nature and recreate the natural environment in an interior setting. They need to be handled delicately." And "Eco-activist and award-winning poet Mario Petrucci will be talking and reading from his moving and thought-provoking work. An experienced and powerful performer, he has written brilliantly about Chernobyl, while being described as creating 'Poetry on a geological scale... a new track for poets of witness.' Poetry that is as connected to the big eco-issues as it is unforgettable."

I learned of this particular wonderfulness through a particularly wonderful cyberfriend named Digitalmaverick, who told me to be sure to check out the exemplarly awesome work of Dougald Hind who blogs about the Treehouse Gallery and many playful, social activistish things. Dougald calls himself a "former busker, door-to-door salesman and BBC journalist. Co-founder of School of Everything. Thinking about practical, imaginative responses to future scenarios. Inspired by deep thinkers and storytellers such as Ivan Illich, John Berger and Alan Garner."

I love the web.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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