The Fun Theory

With ample funding from a still amply funded funder, a set of stairs was converted into something very much like a giant piano keyboard. It was an experiment, so they say, to see if an invitation to a bit of fun could make people choose to take the stairs rather than the escalator. There are a couple of great shots in this video, comparing the two, before and after. The Fun Theory illustrated.

From the soon-to-be-launched website - "an initiative of Volkswagen." You go, VW! And so, with a little bit of fun added, apparently, do we.

One of reassuring things about this whole exploration is how effectively viral it has been since its inception. I've lost count of how many people have written about it since I first saw it - and am still finding earlier mentions of it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Apparently, it affirms something that many of us want to see affirmed - a long cherished belief, a faith in fun, nourished by the forces that drove our youth, the Internet, and our very souls.

See some of my many posts to this effect.

via Phil Shapiro

see also The World's Deepest Trash Can (via Maaike de Jong)

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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