A moment from a well-considered life

My friend Magdalena Cabrera (see this) sent me a story about her year. In that story, she wrote the following (reprinted with permission):

I continue to work with Hand in Hand Parenting, educating others to teach the classes that transform and support so many children and parents, helping them maintain emotionally connected lives. Work at Leaping Lizards continues to reward me with hugs, much laughter and play, and many small hands to hold my own. Every year I have more new wee ones with whom to share love. We romp in the woods, splash in the puddles, catch as many interesting small creatures as we can and learn about life together. They learn how to say please and thank you, take turns, respect themselves, each other and all life and I learn, again and again, how the path always reveals itself, how to be in the present moment, how to breathe and pause when I am feeling like hurrying, how to truly see the beauty in what is and remember that life is fleeting. These lessons were present as well during my six day backpacking trip in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains this past August. Thirty miles and many feet of repeated elevation gain and loss on the John Muir Trail starting at Toulomne Meadows in Yosemite and ending at Mammoth Mountain in the Ansel Adams Wilderness was one of the highlights of my life. When carrying 45 pounds of food and gear and ascending from 9000 feet to 1100 feet over granite and then back down again, one learns the essential Truths of life. I felt so small next to those majestic peaks and at the same time so part of it all. What I felt one morning while drinking my coffee and gazing at the peaks can be summed up by this quote from Victor Hugo: “Love; the reduction of the universe to a single being. The expansion of a single being into God.” I might edit that last part and replace the name “God” with “the Great Mystery.” I hope Mr. Hugo would understand. I couldn’t be more grateful.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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