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When Improv Everywhere started doing its Spontaneous Musicals, they probably didn't know that the result would be something of the "meme" ilk. Today's evidence comes to us from the Presurfer, who brings us to the Art Nouveau Mercado Central, "said to be Europe's largest covered indoor market in Valencia, Spain," where "Members of Valencia's opera house, Palau de les Arts, disguised as shopkeepers were selling products at various stalls. Suddenly Verdi's La Traviata started playing over the loudspeakers, and watch what happened."

Stay with it to the end. It might very well bring something tear-like to your eyes.

This stuff brings a deep happiness with it. Being a witness to the amazing vocal power of opera singers, the transformation of a shopping experience to one of shared surprise and delight, the playfulness of the singers who, despite being so far from the protection of the footlights and formality of the stage, found themselves intimately welcome, and adored - well, it restores one's own sense of the potential and power of playfulness, yes, no?

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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Blogger Steve Sherlock said...

smiles and tears, what a wonderful way to start a fun day! Thanks for sharing Bernie!

Blogger hmcnally said...

The American version: The Hammer Dance Flash Mob, June 2009



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