Boing, Swoosh, Boff

"The game," wrote Jon Jenkins, many years ago, commenting on my Verbal Ping Pong article,
" quite similar to one Maureen uses. Her game has three sounds boing, swoosh and boff. Each sound sends the imaginary ball a different direction left, right and straight across sort of like Hearts. We could have:
  • backhands be bong
  • straight forehands ping
  • forehand slices be slish
  • backhand slices blish
  • Smashes would be pong
  • Top spin twong said quickly
  • back spin bwong said slowly like bwoooonnnng
  • right hand spin rwong with medium speed like rwoonng
  • left hand spin lwong with speed like rwong but it would be of course lwoonng.
Extra spin would be gained by lengthening the first letter of the spin so extra top spin would be ttwong perhaps with a bit of a stutter like t-t-wong.

The return would have to be made on the last letter of the sound (hard with a sh sound).

The referee would make the missing sounds. Too early in the word would land the ball in the net and the referee would say dunk. over the end would be biff (in honor of Calvin).

Major FUN comments editorially: in a non-refereed version, both players make the missing sounds simultaneously.

Recently, I received an invitation to join in celebrating Jon's "completed life." Our mutual friend, Gerrit Visser, wrote this about Jon. Jon's wonderfully playful contribution says a great deal about his legacy.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


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