"The secret to great work is great play"

"Bringing a spirit of play to work," writes Garr Reynolds in his post The secret to great work is great play,"...improves learning and stimulates creative thinking. But often it's good to play for no other reason than to have great fun and feel good and recharged... We can find inspiration in play itself, and we are inspired by those teachers and managers who understand that play is too important not to bring to work."

"A spirit of play," he continues, "engages us and brings us into the content and into the moment. Children remind us that we need more play in the classroom, in the lecture hall, and especially in the typical conference presentation. But first we adults must give up the notion that play is not serious. We must abandon the notion that work (or study) and play are opposites. Work and play are inexorably linked, at least the kind of creative work in which we are engaged today and hope to prepare our children for. As Bill Buxton likes to say, 'These things are far too important to take seriously. We need to be able to play.'"

Read on and on. This is an useful and inspiring post - useful to all of us who care about the quality of work and play in our lives - followed by equally useful and inspring comments.


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