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further thoughts on cheating

In her article called Cheaterpants, a person I have come to know and love (virtually speaking), one PinkNinya Yammer-blastLil, muses deeply on the nature of cheating. You’ve probably already mused deeply on the cheating thing, having read my most recent of many articles on the art of cheating. At any rate, I loved what she had to say, and felt…

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Draw Something & the art of cheating

In his article in the LATimes, Cheating rampant on OMGPOP’s Draw Something — what to do? David Sarno writes: “There’s no real way to flag a player for cheating, or to ban or block them — or even to message them to ask them to stop. (Enterprising players, this writer included, have tried to use…

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Cheating for fun

It’s been a long time since I sat down with a deck of cards and played solitaire. So used to the well-ordered clarity and immediacy of computer solitaire games have I become that I had almost completely forgotten about the many charms and “affordances” of a physical deck of actual playing cards. Aside from the…

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ye olde new games 2-hour game session games list

Getting in touch people pass – uplifting Human Spring – a game for two; Stand-Off – a similar game for two, but competitive people to people– very touching knees – cross-handed cyclic knee-touching Getting together shoes – a ritual panther person porcupine – three-team rock-scissors-paper elephant/giraffe/toaster – and beyond Sitting around estray bonajour – follow the leader with a shoe numbers – your basic, alcohol-free…

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Knots, cont’d


Inspired by some beautiful photos that were taken by the curator of Playful Culture at the 2013 Athens Plaython, I decided to take the opportunity to delve a bit more deeply into the various vicissitudes of Knots. I start the game by asking people to gather in a circle (usually as many people as want to…

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