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Fun Coaching Clips

Here’s a collection of clips about Fun Coaching. I hope you find them a useful guide to finding more fun – for yourself, friends, family, clients…

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Fun Coaching – workshop

First session (what’s fun for you) Opening Game: Identity Exchange (losing and finding yourself) Overview of course and introduction to Fun Coaching Defining fun – major (flow) and minor fun Fun list (interview each other – begin a list that describes what’s fun in your life) be sure to include ativities and experiences including both extremes of fun…

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Fun Coaching Q&A


Q. I want to be a Fun Coach. What’s a Fun Coach? A: Click this: Q. What do I have to do to become a Fun Coach? A. Find someone who needs more fun. Help them find it. Q. I mean, how do I learn to be a Fun Coach? A. See answer above. Q.…

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The Fun Conspiracy

(image from the Fun Conspiracy website) At this stage in my career, or whatever it is that my stage is in, I find myself frequently cruising the Information Superhighway (remember when we thought that was what we should call the Internet?) for people and organizations that are doing something to bring play, fun and other…

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my kind of fun

As you know from perusing my extended (perhaps over-extended) exploration of the kinds of fun, this site, as well as I, are not here to talk about just any old kind of fun. In fact, I’d go further, and say, quite narrowly, that we are particularly interested in just one kind of fun – the…

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