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The Endless Blessings Game has been one of my favorite games ever since I thought I invented it.

It embodies much of what my life’s play/work, which I am currently calling Fun Coaching, is all about and for. It makes a game out of what is, at its best, a very loving, caring exchange. It’s fun that can become surprisingly deep, or just plain silly, or both.

The following was captured during my Fun Coaching workshop in Israel. Watch it. Try it with somebody. Then with somebody else, until you’ve tried it with almost as many people as you want to share blessings with.


A Playful Path photoA playful path is the shortest road to happiness.
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Fun Coaching Clips

by Bernie DeKoven on January 21, 2011

Here’s a collection of clips about Fun Coaching. I hope you find them a useful guide to finding more fun – for yourself, friends, family, clients…

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A Playful Path photoA playful path is the shortest road to happiness.
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Fun Coaching – workshop

September 20, 2010

First session (what’s fun for you) Opening Game: Identity Exchange (losing and finding yourself) Overview of course and introduction to Fun Coaching Defining fun – major (flow) and minor fun Fun list (interview each other – begin a list that describes what’s fun in your life) be sure to include ativities and experiences including both extremes of fun […]


Fun Coaching Q&A

July 1, 2010

Q. I want to be a Fun Coach. What’s a Fun Coach? A: Click this: Q. What do I have to do to become a Fun Coach? A. Find someone who needs more fun. Help them find it. Q. I mean, how do I learn to be a Fun Coach? A. See answer above. Q. […]


my kind of fun

August 13, 2012

As you know from perusing my extended (perhaps over-extended) exploration of the kinds of fun, this site, as well as I, are not here to talk about just any old kind of fun. In fact, I’d go further, and say, quite narrowly, that we are particularly interested in just one kind of fun – the […]


fun therapy for grown-ups

December 8, 2011

So, back to “fun therapy,” which we know isn’t like “real” therapy because, for the time being, at least, it’s more of an idea than a practice. There’s talk about it, sure. But there’s no research. No certification. No rigorous studies of its efficacy. I’m just saying. This time, we’re talking about what fun therapy, […]


healing fun

November 21, 2011

In last Friday’s post, When Fun Goes Bad, I described how games and play and fun, because they are living things, reflect all faces of life, all purposes, all tendencies, all weaknesses and strengths. It was that particular observation that led me to focus much of my efforts on describing and developing certain kinds of […]


smelling fun

July 26, 2011

Of the many opportunities we have to experience and explore fun, few are more reliable or more engaging than the senses. Of the many senses, one that tends to get the least attention, and yet frequently proves to be the most engaging and evocative is the sense of smell. In her recent essay, “Why I’m […]


“the fun is in the playing”

March 18, 2011

Some observations by Christian Isquierdo, of the Left Foot Coaching Academy, on the World Cup and the “true joy of the game” (from the IMSoccer News) The game of soccer is so beautiful in its essence that the fun of playing WITH the ball is more fun that just running around chasing it. I find […]


fun ‘fessin’

March 8, 2011

Fun is one of the things that we learn at a depressingly early age to look like we’re not having. As we grow older and find ourselves somewhere in the ranks of the educated, and hopefully the employed, our not-fun feigning abilities stand us in ever better stead with our mentors and employers. They all, […]