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Dr. Peter Gray – defending the playful

The energy of his delivery and the depth of his knowledge about play are impressive, but his message is sobering, to say the least. In this talk, The Decline of Play and Rise of Mental Disorders, Dr. Peter Gray “brings attention to the reality that over the past 60 years in the United States there…

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When extraordinary fun is ordinary

Shoshoni Tipis

If we follow the thinking of Dr. Peter Gray, author of Free to Learn, we might dare to believe that there are people for whom extraordinary fun is not extraordinary at all – but a way of life. A keen observer of the importance of play in the evolution of the human spirit, Dr. Gray finds yet…

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The Freedom to Quit


I know of two authors have spent a lot of time (and words) ruminating over the importance of quitting. I begin with a friend and colleague: Peter Gray. In his article “The Most Basic Freedom is the Freedom to Quit,” Dr. Gray explores implications of the freedom to quit that reach well beyond games. It’s not the…

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Playfulness, joy and happiness

prui - found

I was reading a paper by my friend Gwen Gordon called Well-Played: The Origins and Future of Playfulness. You may read it below: document Well-Played – the Origins and Future of PlayfulnessIt made me think about the Playful Path in particular (as does almost everything). And I caught myself asking myself: is the Playful Path…

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Intergenerational Play

children in sillouhette

I herewith invite you to join an imaginary social movement. I call it “The Intergenerational Play Project.”Behold, the call to action:The Call to ActionThe separation between parents and children, adolescents and family is so wide that we hardly recognize ourselves in each other. Our generations have become institutionally isolated, divided out into schools, businesses, factories,…

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game power

Play is fun. It’s something we do for fun. When somebody asks us why we like playing something, we tell them, as clearly as we can: because it’s fun. Because if it wasn’t, we probably wouldn’t be doing it. So, let’s say you’re playing something – a game, a musical instrument – or, you’re working…

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