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"Flash Mob" Plays Duck-Duck-Goose

This from the San Francisco Chronicle – “Anarchy rules! Flash mobs — big, spontaneous crowds that celebrate organized chaos — are fast growing around the world. Their mission: to have fun. Their message: There isn’t one.” 200 people form an instant game of Duck-Duck-Goose in San Francisco Dolores Park. Why? Because they wanted to. All…

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Duck-Duck-Goose – how I got into playing with grownups

I was invited by the UKPlayworkers to write a piece explaining why I have focused on adult play. It was a good question, especially in the light of the growing trend to create yet more limits on children’s playtime and activities (see this story on children campaigning against the “Culture of Caution”). So, I wrote…

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Duck-Duck-Goose and Beyond – How I “got into play”

I started out playing with children. More than 30 years ago, actually. I had a Master’s in Theater and was hired by the School District of Philadelphia to write a curriculum in children’s theater. I was working with inner-city children between the ages of 5-11, most of whom were sent to us because they were…

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playing with losing

Almost every game involves losing. Even cooperative games. What makes them “cooperative” is that when you lose, so does everybody. What makes them fun is that a) you don’t lose alone, and, even more importantly, b) losing is part of the fun: it makes you laugh. Think, for example, The Lap Game or People Pass, or even…

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the deepest fun

I wrote the following introduction to what I currently think of as my homepage: The experience of the well-played game is what we love most about sports, but it is accessible only to truly accomplished athletes. There are thousands of other games besides sports. Most of them are easier to play, more inviting, far less serious,…

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Games for Playful People

cards - usc - bradley newman - 119 copy

All the games in this collection are the kind of games you play for fun, just for fun. There are rules, but the rules are actually no more than a starting point. Because, after all, what makes a game fun is the people who are playing it. Rules are something else to play with, to…

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