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"Flash Mob" Plays Duck-Duck-Goose

This from the San Francisco Chronicle – “Anarchy rules! Flash mobs — big, spontaneous crowds that celebrate organized chaos — are fast growing around the world. Their mission: to have fun. Their message: There isn’t one.” 200 people form an instant game of Duck-Duck-Goose in San Francisco Dolores Park. Why? Because they wanted to. All…

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Duck-Duck-Goose – how I got into playing with grownups

I was invited by the UKPlayworkers to write a piece explaining why I have focused on adult play. It was a good question, especially in the light of the growing trend to create yet more limits on children’s playtime and activities (see this story on children campaigning against the “Culture of Caution”). So, I wrote…

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Duck-Duck-Goose and Beyond – How I “got into play”

I started out playing with children. More than 30 years ago, actually. I had a Master’s in Theater and was hired by the School District of Philadelphia to write a curriculum in children’s theater. I was working with inner-city children between the ages of 5-11, most of whom were sent to us because they were…

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The Playful Adult

(image found on Acceptance with Joy) We tend not to give ourselves as much credit as we deserve – especially when it comes to thinking ourselves as “playful.” Playfulness is something we associate with children and childhood. We might have been playful back then. But now, grown-up, responsible beings that we have become, we think of…

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Life in the Mush Pot

There’s a variation of Duck Duck Goose. Wait, I wrote about it a couple years ago, here: One of the variations of Duck-Duck-Goose includes something called a mush pot. The mush post introduces a consequence to “losing,” even though you don’t actually lose forever.  “The goal,” explains the Wikipedist, “is to tag that person before he…

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Playful Play – part three

Esalen Institute

Wherein I describe how I changed my focus from theater to games, and from children to adults. When I was studying theater (I have a masters degree, don’t you know), my very favorite classes were in the art of improvisation. I seemed to be learning as much about acting as I was about, well, life.…

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