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Mexican Games from the Tocati Festival

Every time, for the last several years, when I learn that another Tocati International Street Games Festival will be held (this time it’ll be from the 18-21 of September and features Mexican games), I make it my mission to find some way to share the wonders thereof with you. For several reasons, most of which…

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Tocati 2012


With a great deal of help from the organizers, I was able to share with you some of last year’s Tocati International Festival of Street Games – a wonderful opportunity to observe some of the traditional games that are, like the majority of your traditional folk, becoming a more endangered species every year. And now, with equally generous…

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Tocatì International Festival of Street Games

If you are planning to be in Verona in late September then you should most definitely consider dropping by the Tocatì International Festival of Street Games. I quote from the Google translation of the announcement on the Ancient Games Association website: On the occasion of the 9 th edition of Tocatì, International Festival of Street Games organized by the…

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pronking together

I was mousing around Vimeo, looking for some clips I might use in a presentation I might be preparing for the MIT Sandbox Summit (I’m still not sure I’m going to do a presentation). And I chanced across an old video of an event that my friend Bob Gregson and I put together in Hartford, CT, some…

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OK, so I couldn’t figure out the rules. And I really wanted to know more, given the description “Like in many other Hungarian games, there is no winner, but it’s played for fun only and to improve skills, tactics, and team play especially among young people.” No winner? What? I did find this video. Which…

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Preserving a culture with traditional games


We have been following the Tocati Festival ever since we first learned of its existence. It is a festival celebrating the traditional of different countries in the region. As such, it provides not only entertainment and spectacle, but an opportunity to renew connections to history and culture. This year the Festival is “focused on the Hungarian traditions and…

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