Several years ago, I had a moment that was tantamount to pure enlightenupment* when I came to the realization that "Baa Baa Black Sheep," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and The Alphabet Song all share a profound and inextricable connection. That connection? I'll give you a moment to reflect.

Yes, now that you think about it, it's all so obvious, and yet, in a way, so potentially redolent of mystical significance: all three songs are in fact sung to the same tune.

For years (several of them, as above mentioned), I not only contemplated the profunditty* of it all,.but also, in the tradition of The Oaqui, ceaselessly sought for the game hidden within. For I knew, with relatively absolute certainty, that such awaited me, and in deed awaited any one who searched, with mantra-like devotion, hour after hour, day after day, for several (see above) years.

And now, at last, the revelation:

Sit in a circle, or triangle, or even, if need be, a parallelogram. One person begins by singing any one of the three songs. Whenever the first person stops. the next person must continue, without missing a proverbial beat, using the lyrics from the same, or one of the two remaining songs.

This can become excedingly difficult. So excedingly difficult as to border on the not-yet-fun* - hence the recommendation that at first you play with only two songs, and take turns only after a full measure of one song has been completed. For example: "ABCDEFG, Yes Sir, Yes Sir Three Bags Full, Up above the world so high..."

I have a sneaking suspicion, yea, e'en unto a craven conjecture, that this is not the only game waiting to emerge from the great serendipity known hereinafter as "BaaBaaTwinkleEFG."

aka: "ABBlackSheepLittleStar" and "TwinkleCDHaveYouAnyWool"