The Fun Coach

photo by David Simoni

FUN is hard to take seriously, so hard that most people need to go somewhere else and be someone else before they can even consider it as an option. Even though FUN is the experience that binds, the purpose that shapes, the phenomenon that leads into and out of the body, most people insist on pretending that FUN has nothing to do with it. Even though they spend the majority of their lives looking for it. Even though, if they took it seriously enough, they could heal themselves and probably the world.

From time to time we all need to be reminded how to make things fun again. We need to be reminded that we even have that option.

It doesn't take much to make you forget fun. Fifteen minutes of watching or listening to just about any newscast is enough to do it for you. A phone call with someone who is already having something very other than fun. A meeting with someone who's "secret agenda" is about proving how more important she is than you. A driver who ignores you on purpose. Lost keys. Lost temper. Losing. And the whole entire beautiful thing is ruined.

This is especially true for people in transition, in remission, in recovery, people attempting to regain themselves after a particularly profound change.

What a FUNcoach does is help people remember fun, remember how they can make things fun again.

Most FUNcoaches I know practice what I call deepFUN. Right now, I'm the only FUNcoach I know.

DeepFUN helps me help you make things more fun in your life, helps you make things more fun in other people's lives, helps people who actually are playing games make game playing more fun, helps people who have stopped playing find games that will bring them fun again, helps them find fun in the world in their family and even inside themselves.


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