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Less Competitive Sweatshirt of Fun

Laughing Truth Sweatshirt

Wall Clock of Reminding

ME\WE Spinning Throwing Catching Thing

Official Junkyard Sports T-Wear

Ash Grey Fun Shirt

Long Sleeve Less Competitive T-Shirt

ME\WE Golf Shirt

Jersey of Enlightenupment

DeepFUN Bumper Sticker

Frog Messenger Bag

Frog of Enlightenupment Boxer Shorts

Stainless Steel Fun Mug

Frog Tote

Big Fun Mug

Coaster of Truth

Politically Correct Anti-Terrorist Device

Expensive Mousepad of Truth


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Books and CD

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Junkyard Sports

  • More than 75 demonstration games.
  • Endless variations of six major team sports that can be played by almost anyone, anywhere, with just about anything.
  • Games that are easy to implement and use low-cost or no-cost “found” materials for equipment.
  • Games that build physical, social, and mental skills, including endurance, teamwork, and sensitivity to others.


Recess for the Soul - $18 - Spoken word CD

"...a tool of incomparable effectiveness whether for personal growth or in process with others " - Jay Beckwith

" approach to mind-expansion through the imagery of childhood play " - Dr. Adam Blatner

"...completely original and quite profound" - Matt Weinstein

"...a remarkable vehicle for self healing." - Jeanne Segal

  • Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary - "...TorvaldsĂȘ real genius lies not so much in his programming abilities, though those are extraordinary, but in his capacity for that thing so many of us never learn to do: have fun. Fun, Torvalds believes, is at heart very far from the frivolous thing capitalism and religion have made it out to be. Fun is, rather, the highest form of human behavior, the thing that comes after survival and community, the thing, in other words, that not only makes life worth living, but is - or ought to be - a lifestyle in itself."
  • Fun Works: Leslie Yerkes makes a major contribution to those of us who believe that it is actually possible for work to be fun: case studies, stories, eleven "principles" for making work fun, and vice versa
  • Managing to Have Fun is Matt Weinstein's artful collection of actually fun things managers have managed to do in the name of work. His stories of the silly, good-hearted things they've done are entertaining, empowering and inspiring. Not profound. Not transforming. But definitely funniferous.*
  • Beyond Boredom and Anxiety, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is one of his earliest published accounts of his experiments in search of flow. Though the accounts of the research itself are scientifically joyless, the insights and conclusions are positively inspiring. His more recent book, Flow, the Psychology of Optimal Experience is a more accessible recapitulation of his earlier findings.
  • Bob Gregson's Incredible Indoor Games Book: One Hundred and Sixty Group Projects, Games and Activities is a loving and lovely collection of creative, collaborative, family-building fun. His Outrageous Outdoor Games Book carries theme of collaborative creative play to, well, the outdoors. His most most recent contribution, Take Part Art, proves a valuable addition to this treasury of creativity.
  • The New Games Book is a recipe for throwing a party for an entire community. It conveys a spirit of play and openness that reflects the best of the early 70's. More New Games is a valuable extension to theme, as long as you already own The New Games Book
  • Games for Actors and Non-Actors "A genuinely inspiring handbook packed with games, exercises, methods and techniques from the world-famous author of Theatre of the Oppressed."
  • Improvisation for theatre by Viola Spolin is an excellent introduction to the use of theater games with children, and for me the foundation of my exploration of children's games and play. Her "Seven Aspects of Spontaneity" in theoritical part of the book is a most insightful introduction to play and creativity, and worth the price of the book alone