A playground on an iPad

Ultimate TagSearching for a two-player game for the iPad, my granddaughter Maya discovered that there was a virtual panoplay of choices. Well, maybe not a panoplay or even a panoply, but a lot. Which is very gratifying for the future of fun in general, and for the fortunate few who like to play together in particular.

One of the games she found was called Ultimate Tag. I don’t know how ultimate it is, but it is most definitely tag-like, for up to four players, who, using their virtual joysticks, run after each other’s avatars, playing, you know, tag.

The things that might excite you about this game are: 1) it really feels like tag (except for the breathless part) – I mean, you really almost want to scream as IT gets closer and closer, especially if you’re IT; 2) it’s currently free, and 3) it demonstrates how almost any playground game you can think of can be effectively simulated on an iPad. Well, maybe not how, but that. That is, it demonstrates the possibility. And that possibility leads to a veritable slue of tag-like games, not to mention Hug Tag and Rock-Scissors-Paper Tag or even Lemonade (OK, so I mentioned them). And what about the hide-and-seek variety (you know, Prisoners Base, Capture the Flag, maybe even Laser Tag)?

So, I’m just saying, dearly beloved iPad game developer, there’s a playground full of game ideas, already developed and very thoroughly play-tested, just waiting to be transformed by your personal genius into something close to pure fun. And I’m also just saying that just maybe you could derive some further inspiration from, perhaps, my collection of Playful Games, or maybe some old New Games from the days of the New Games Foundation, or possibly even better from some of these amazing online resources of kids’ games from around the actual globe even.

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