A Week of DeepFUN at Esalen

Sept 5-10, 2004

The fourth week-long session of DeepFUN at Esalen.

Explore the deeper reaches of DeepFUN in the home of humanistic psychology at one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Five nights and six days of exploring every aspect of bringing more and deeper fun to your life and to the lives of those with whom you work and live.

Continuing Education credits available.

By giving yourself the gift of an entire workweek devoted to exploring the depths of fun, you also give yourself an opportunity to restore your heart and mind and spirit. You will be playing with a remarkable group of people – supportive, caring, who, like you, are more committed to fun than to winning, to freeing the spirit rather than keeping score.

It takes a few days just to give yourself permission to play, to let yourself become fully in play, to establish the trust in your own sense of fun, and in the community with whom you share it. Once that is clearly established, you can devote the rest of the week to focusing this remarkable power on personal and professional growth.

You will be playing “Playful Games” – games that are slightly physical, but clearly, innocently pointless, played without score or any goal other than sharing fun – games you might call “touching games” because they all involve some kind of (safe, gentle, non-threatening) physical touching, and because they are basically loving kinds of games, emotionally touching, as well.

Between games, you will be talking about the “fun” of it all: what was fun, when, what it was like when it was really fun. You will be listen to Major FUN reading from his explorations of the “Inner Playground” where characters like Silly and Serious engage each other in some relatively profound variations of Hide and Seek and Tag. Then, through more games, you will be exploring how you can bring the inner dialogue into play. In this way you establish a reflective practice – each game leading you deeper into your self and towards community.

You will be exploring fun in every aspect of your life: society, body, mind, spirit.

You will be playing, reflecting, meditating, and playing some more.

Fun is inherently difficult to take seriously, which is why we will be relying so heavily on the community we create. We will be playing separately, in pairs, in teams, in a group. The games we will be playing will help us create community and serve as frames for exploring the spirit of play. Many of the games are physical, but not particularly strenuous. No running or jumping. No contests or tests of endurance. Almost all the games involve some sort of creativity, though none require any degree of artistry.

Participants who are most ready to receive this experience will have found a new synergy between body and spirit. By becoming more aware of the “functions of fun” in their lives, you will be able to bring depth and breadth to your life and to the lives of all those with whom you are in contact. Games will take on a new light, spiritual practices a new lightheartedness. The knowledge gained from this course can be put into practice every time you find an opportunity to play, and can help you find more opportunities.

Wear your “play clothes.”

People with physical limitations are free to play or not to play according to the dictates of body and spirit.

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