It is one of the preconditions for coliberation. It characterizes the experience of coliberation for the duration of the game. Acceptance. The acceptance of the other, in whatever way the other wishes to be known and seen and heard and felt. The acceptance of the other as a player, a co-creator of the very reality being shared. The acceptance of the other’s vision, and actions and person precisely as and no further than the other expresses it. The only condition being that the other accepts the game in the same way, with the same understanding that we, like she, are equally free to play, without meaning anything else, exactly the way we are playing.

As the way we are playing becomes increasingly coliberative, the acceptance of each other becomes increasingly profound, more completely embracing, unquestioning.

It is this way, when you have played together for a while, a long while, long enough to seem to each other like old friends, old lovers, when you have played together again and again and again; it becomes the assumption that forms the context of the game, of your relationship. You accept each other. You accept the other, you are accepted, for who you are, as you are, as you accept who you become, as you become together.

In this way, you accept yourself.

And become free.

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