54 Flavors of Fun

Pretend Power

Will the Circle Be Unbroken.
by Amelion

Pretend Power as real and as powerful as we can imagine No, not imaginary fun, real fun that you pretend into being. Real fun, lived.Though imagination itself is a mighty engine of fun, O yes, mighty in deed. A gift, just like fun itself. A powerful gift that Einstein used to pursue his Gedankenexperiments, or Thought Experiments.…

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Bernie Found Nirvana – when it’s fun to lose

death comes early

Giving up is hard to do. It’s unsportspersonlike, to say the least. Which, apparently, is not what I’m about to say, leastwise. On the other hand, if it’s part of a game, and if it’s unavoidable, then, all of a sudden, it’s fun to admit defeat. It’s almost, in this kind of game, an act…

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Tragic Fun

alive in the face of death

Alive: In The Face of Death. Rankin Exhibition, Liverpool, 2013 from Phil kelly on Vimeo. A couple years ago, there was an exhibit called “Alive: In The Face of Death.” It was by photographer Rankin, and displayed at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool in 2013.Take a few minutes to watch the video. It’s going to lead…

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Fantasy Fun

imaginary fun

There’s a kind of fun that we had when we were kids that stays fun all our lives. It takes many forms, all of which involve the pretending. Sometimes we call it daydreaming, sometimes fantasy, sometimes imagination, sometimes it gets formalized into an art that we call theater, sometimes it stays closer to play and we call it…

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Kindly Fun

Twenty, maybe thirty years ago, my friend, colleague, and paragon of academic playfulness, Brian Sutton-Smith, wrote this about my book: The Well-Played Game focuses on a kind of fun that is unfortunately not normally associated with games, and certainly not with sports. I like to think of it as ‘kindly fun’ — like the fun that…

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playful flirting

“The joy of flirting is the discovery that someone might be willing to play, and laugh, and roll around ecstatically in the earth with us, spontaneously. Or at least, they would were it not for the judgement our society imposes on such behaviour and the baggage and expectations it brings, and which we bring, along…

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