A Playful Path to Wholeness

This is a series of clips from a video that we made on the last afternoon of a six-day retreat at the Esalen Institute in August, 2002. We made this video together, selecting favorites from the games we had played together. Click on the picture to see it in action.

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The Players

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Major FUN on "Challenge"

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Although we met as strangers, spending all those days talking about fun and playing together led to a remarkable transformation - to the creation of a community of friends who played caringly, compassionately,deeply, lovingly.

Most of the games that you will be seeing were not played as they were originally taught. They got changed. And in changing them, we made them ours - games that belonged to us. As you view these clips, you will notice that sense of ownership express itself in our rather remarkable playfulness, spontaneity, and what one might most legitimately call "glee."

If you wanted to boil down my thirty-five years of exploration of the art and science of making life fun to maybe ten minutes - I think these little clips might do just that very thing for you.