Sweet silliness for playful couples

These are really not games at all, but pointlessly playful moments of shared, and somewhat intimate silliness.

Playing with words

Playing with a little touching

Playing at a restaurant

Playing while walking around

  • Free Form Frisbee Golf
  • Cell Phone Walk - while you're on a walk, talk to each other on your cell phones. If you don't have cell phones, pretend you do.
  • Merrygoround Horse Walk - When walking, go up on your toes with each step - try to do it so that you're like merrygoround horses - you being up when the other is down. (many more walking games of this ilk)
  • Imaginary Foreigners - pretend you're both foreigners, each from a different country. Speak to each other in tongues or gibberish or mumbles. Go to a restuarant together and continue being foreign. When it's time to pay the check, take out a random collection of money and ask if it's enough.