fun in the face of danger

In an article called “Fun in the Face of Danger: Animal Intelligence in Rambunctious Climate Change” ABC News author Bill Blakemore writes:

“…humans (and others) have built-in urgent needs to have fun — as reward and remedy for ossified joints both mental and physical.”


“Scientists are finding healthy play behavior throughout life to be important for health and survival in all sorts of animal species, including humans.”

and then, much later, after a significant digression into the dire realities of climate change, shares three different, entertaining clips from the ABC series Nature’s Edge, the first of which follows (the rest are included in Blakemore’s article).
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The conclusion is that, if nothing else works, maybe our mysterious, apparently instinctual ability to manifest fun will galvanize our collective will, and we, together, with smiles in our souls, will restore our climate to health.

I don’t know if this message is depressing or uplifting, but it’s nice to hear our news media confess its fundamental belief in the power of fun.

link via Bill Harris

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  1. Lily on July 3, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Dusk, that magic time between day and dark. We had Canada Day this weekend and while we waited for it to get dark enough for fireworks, we played on a playground with a bunch of other kids. There’s something very cool about staying up past bedtime in anticipation of a wonderful light show and waiting with a bunch of other people who are also having fun together.

    Love and laughter,

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