does fun make you live longer?

It seems to me that the more fun you have, especially fun of the loving kind, the happier you’ll be, now, and in the long run. It also seems to me that, when you find yourself approaching, so to speak, the finish line, you will feel a lot better about the life you’ve lived, and you just might have had a longer run.

Today, after having watched Jane McGonigal talk about “the game that give you 10 extra years of life,” I’m beginning to think maybe yes, maybe you do get to live longer if you bring more fun to your life. I’m only 70, so I can’t really tell yet. As for games, I’m not sure that any one particular game is going to do it for me. I play a lot of games, and in all likelihood it’s the people I play with, rather than any particular game or group of games, that’s making things fun enough to keep my life worth living.

Jane has a lot to say about all this. She talks more about games than I do, but I think she means the same. She is a friend, and I respect her and her vision.  And I think if you watch this, you will, too.


  1. Lily on July 11, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    I love this video, and all the wonderful concepts behind it! There is so much here. The various “selves” to improve each day (physical, mental, emotional, social), and how easy it is to “power them up”. And the crazy “too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence” between death bed regrets and post-traumatic growth.

    Agreed that she talks about games more, but it is obviously her passion. I really believe that living your passion is what brings about those extra 10 years. Like laughter, fun is universal, we all seek fun and we all have fun. How you have fun is personal. Everyone’s idea of fun is entirely different. For Jane, it’s obviously games, but for someone else it may be gardening, or blogging, or running, or inventing things.

    I had to pop the video out and watch it on youtube. I was so very disappointed with some of the comments on there. So many people just didn’t get it. To me, the message is simple, do something fun (whatever that is) every day. If it isn’t fun, and you aren’t required to continue in order to fill some other need (like shelter perhaps), don’t do it. Live a fun life.

    Love and laughter,

  2. Shelly Immel on July 11, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    Fantastic, Bernie! I’ve seen Jane before, but I hadn’t seen this talk. Video games are not my thing (vertigo), but she’s been involved in some interesting projects to use gaming to solve big world problems. I like very much that she’s using her own passion to light other people’s fire.

    I’ve experienced the boost from post-traumatic growth (after illness), but I have also experienced some of those gains slip away during subsequent health issues. I’m going to check out SuperBetter. It sounds like it incorporates lots of the things I’ve been trying to do ad hoc.

    And I agree – how can living a life of courage, connection and fun be anything but good?

    Thanks for another great post. You always share such good stuff!

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