Double Ball

Years ago, when I was writing for Games magazine, I proposed that we do an article on what I called “Two Balls Tied Together.” We actually got as far as doing a photo session for the article, but, ultimately, it got killed. I suppose because of the semi-salacious significance of what I was calling the game. And perhaps also because the game didn’t seem to be “real.” Nobody we knew of was actually playing it. Even though it was clearly fun. And most definitely playworthy. There weren’t any Two-Balls-Tied-Together Leagues or clubs, even.

Recently, maybe 20 years later, I heard from a company called Yazoo. These Yazoos were in fact marketing their own patented version of something remarkably similar to TBTT (Two Balls…etc.). Coming to me as it did in this enlightened age of the Internet, I gleefully Googled for evidence of this game elsewhere. And behold, it was, in truth, a game called Double Ball, played by our Native American brothers o so many years ago, as further explicated here.

There’s something to be learned here about the nature of new sports, and timing, and naming, and patents and stuff.

When you figure it out, please let me know.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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