Duck Duck Elephant (Beyond Duck Duck Goose)

Here, at last, is a way to play Duck, Duck, Goose when you’re too big or tired or sore or just can’t run any more.

The Fox – that’s the guy who picks the next Goose – does the Foxish thing, walking around the circle, tapping people on the head, saying duck and all. But when he comes to his chosen one, instead of saying “Goose” he says whatever comes into his mind. Like, for example, elephant, or trash can, or chicken soup. The chosen player must then amble or wheel or scoot or roll around the circle in her best interpretation of the chosen thingy. Of course chicken soup doesn’t really walk, so whatever movement the player feels appropriate is pretty much incontestible.

And though there’s no running or tagging or trying to get somewhere before somewhere else, it’s Duck, Duck, Goose-ish enough to be called “Duck, Duck, Elephant” Unless you think it’s better to call it “Duck, Duck, Chicken Soup.”

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  1. Kerri Schiller on September 8, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    I like it, Bernie. I have been “teaching” a grown-up recess class at my local YMCA (Bellevue, WA, on the off chance that anyone reading this might be local :) for a few months now and have been puzzling about how to do DDG with a group that might include an 18 year-old AND a 77 year-old. Thanks for the idea!

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